Heat alert

We’ve had another heat alert today. Temperatures up to 95-97 degrees, and effective temperature close to 110 degrees. Very hot, and very humid. The only way I can get any walks in is to go early enough in the morning. Trying to walk later in the day, even early evening can leave you feeling faint after just a couple of minutes.

It’s actually easier to go walking in the winter here. We don’t get as much snow as most areas, and we don’t have to fight the heat. Or the insects. Unfortunately, my walk through the forest last weekend has left me covered with bites, including all over my face.

I had my car worked on yesterday and when I went in, the guy goes, “Forgot the insect repellant didn’t you.” From there it was to the laundry to clean two large comforters. While waiting for them to dry, another lady, who’d been looking at me for ten minutes, comes over, sweet as can be, and gives me her home remedy for insect bites.

I’m staying home until it’s cooler, and until I don’t invoke pity in everyone who sees me.

One piece of good news: I received my first professional photography payment today. Next week I’m treating my roommate to dinner, or perhaps brunch over at Tower Grove.

The money will come in handy because I still haven’t found a new book. I’ve had to cancel my planned birthday trip this fall: driving to the Southeast, then up the coast, and finally over to the Northwest to my Mom’s house. I don’t mind missing out on the long drive so much, but I had huckleberry margaritas to look forward to. Now, that was disappointing.

Still, there’s always next Spring. It’s nicer driving in the Spring, anyway. And I’ve been told huckleberries freeze.

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