Hiding from the Unknown

Earlier today, I noticed movement in the Bird Tree on the corner – a female Harrier Hawk was flying in among the branches chasing finches. Considering how closely packed the branches were, I was amazed at her agility.

I was saddened too, a little, because the tree is normally a sanctuary for the smaller birds. Now, they’ll have to scramble for a new shelter and I’ll lose some of the company that perches on my office window sill when the sun is out.

But the finches weren’t the only creature around frightened out of their normal habitat. This afternoon my roommate received a package containing a new down vest, and promptly started wearing it (it is a cold day). Whether it was the box or the smell of the feathers or what, but it scared Zoe, my cat, and she took off upstairs, refusing to come down all evening.

Instead of her usual evening lap time with my roommate (I have days), she stayed in my room, as close to me as she could, helping me work with my photos.


It was nice having her company, but a bit much when I had to escort her downstairs to use her cat box.

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