I’ve updated the Plutonian list to reflect the change in time due to Daylight Savings Time (pain in the butt). In addition, I also alphabetized the list.

Notice the new grouping titled “Recent Visitors”. This is a list of weblogs of people who have been kind enough to stop by, sit a spell, and leave a comment or two. Right now this list is maintained manually, once a week, but I’m in the process of writing a small application to pull weblog links from my comments and update this list automatically every night at midnight.

You wanna be on this list? Then you gots to do more than lurk. Hee Hee Hee.

I’m also playing around with Movable Type 2.0, which means yet another set of weblogging tool templates to master. BTW, I have the one, the only, the true Stavros the Wonder Chicken aka Empty Bottle to thank for help in me getting Movable Type setup. Chris — you da man.

Open Offer to Blogspot residents — this is an open invite to any Blogspot residents on my Plutonian list. I have room for a couple more weblogs on my server if you’re interested in making the move. You would get a weblog by the name of, or you can have your own domain — though you’ll have to handle your own domain registration and name server entries.

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