Travel Weblogging

Howdy from Cheyenne

Short trip today – Salt Lake to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Uneventful day on the road. Still feeling rough from last week, aided and abetted by memory lane trip yesterday. I look and feel like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet.

Tomorrow, pushing through to St. Louis. Rah.

So many people have been doing “series blogging” lately, such as Mark Pilgrim’s 30 days to accessibility, and Jonathon’s World Cup reportage. I thought I would give this a shot by creating a series of postings on one central theme:

The Bird’s Tips to Becoming a Good American

No, seriously. In fact, I’d start tonight, but my connectivity is poor and I’ll need bandwidth for my first tip: “Verbal Weaponry in the War against Terrorism”. No hints other than it will be action packed. Be prepared to take notes.

I hope that Mark and Jonathon don’t mind me stealing their series concept. Mark seems cool, and we know Jonathon has a sense of humor – all people who live in a relaxed, squishy world have a sense of humor.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hang out at Mike Golby’s place – he’s talking sex.

(BTW, Mike, I looked all over at Phil’s for a Sex Fixit FAQ but all I could find was weblogging stuff. Darn.)

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