HTMLized photos

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. A variation of this tool still lives online.

A treat for you all — HTMLized versions of some of my photos. I found the conversion utility through a link at a new and interesting weblog — G’Day Cobbers. I found the weblog through the Aussie weblog ring. Question though: What is it with Australians and drinking? And when are they going to move their country out of the Atlantic?

What can you do with the HTMLized photos? Probably not a thing, but it’s a fun time killer anyway. And it will give you a break from Googlewhacking.

Anyhoo, photo show:

Sand – the utility lets you pick background color, letters to use, size of letters and picture
Ice Rink
Car Interior
Bridge – as you can see, brighter, more contrasting colors work best
Rocks – if you’re not from San Fran and are curious about the piled rocks, holler and I’ll give you a pictorial essay of the rock sculptures and San Fran Rock Artists.

Just for fun.

Update I forgot — these suckers violate every rule of CSS and HTML and will fail every validation tool known to man. Even those known to woman. So, save your time and just accept them as pretty and fun.

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