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I feel orange

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I just had a comment from Dave (“Not Winer or Whiner” Dave, an anonymous and very lovable and supportive reader who I would link to if he ONLY LEFT HIS WEB ADDRESS) about sticking your hand into water and feeling ‘green’. First — cool comment.

Second: feeling colors. Tasting colors.

I think that purple would “feel” like velvet, and taste rich. None of this “It would taste like grapes, Bird”. We need to stretch out little horizons today, let our little imagines out to play, screw with people’s minds who accidentally wonder into this weblog without any prior warning.

Purple would feel like velvet and taste rich. “I feel like purple today” means I’m feeling seductive today.

Black would feel cold, cold, cold and taste like steel. “I feel like black today” means I’m feeling cold, emotionless, depressed, elegant, or controlled.

Green would feel soft, and taste fresh. “I feel like green today” means I’m feeling soft, new, and open.

Red would feel hot, and taste spicy (well, my imagine didn’t wander far for that one, did it?) “I feel like red today” means…well, it means something I can’t say even on my weblog.

Yellow would feel gooey (a nice gooey) and taste tangy. “I feel yellow today” means I’m springy, light, effervescent, maybe even a little silly.

Blue would feel strong, and taste refreshing. “I feel blue” means I’m calm, intellectual, good humored.

White would feel like diamonds and taste like crystals. “I feel white today” means everything’s crystal clear, ringing true, and the battle is about to begin. “I am BurningBird, white knight!”

Tan or brown would feel like suede and taste like chocolate (only real food item I’m allowing — after all chocalate is chocolate). “I feel chocolate today” means sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don’t.

Rose would feel delicate, and taste ephemeral. “I feel rose today” means I’m loving, gentle, nuturing, even a tad clingy, but in a nice way. (And everyone’s saying, “I bet it’ll be a cold day in hell before Bird feels rose.”)


Orange would feel rough, and taste bitter-sweet. “I feel orange today” means I’m edgy, quick tempered, a little manic, and in your face. With charm, though.

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