We’re getting a corporate bias in our news and we allowed it to get this way.

And people wonder why I read weblogs now. I think the news aggregator in Radio, and on OReilly, and other places is the most important new technology of the decade.

Do you use a news aggregator? Why not? Stop watching TV news. Stop reading your local newspaper. Get a news aggregator and tell a friend.

As more and more people use news aggregators the news business will be forced to change.

Stop watching TV news, and reading newspapers and we assume magazines and online sites for same. Instead, get a news aggregator. What does the news aggregator aggregate? News from the weblogs. Where do most of the weblogs get the news?

From local newspapers and TV news, magazines and sites for same.

If this was code, it would be anĀ infinite recursionĀ error.

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