Hunting the Happy Tutor

I really needed a light diversion today….

It started with the stark words of Farewell at the former happy home of Happy Tutor.

Then, odd little entries began appearing in

“Hunting the Happy Tutor”

All leading to a new weblog site at, under the control of a Captain Blowtorch. And within this new weblog are postings about the destruction of Wealth Bondage and the burning of the company headquarters, as well as the hunt for Happy Tutor and his aid.

Finally, tonight, we read that the previous members of the Wealth Bondage/Happy Tutor blogroll will soon be contacted — for what nefarious reason we shudder to think.

On hearing this, a member of said blogroll was heard to say:

My name is on that Blogroll. Should I trust that Captain Blowtorch will be lenient (since I was a recent addition)? Or should I pray instead that the Tutor and his assistant, Mr Dick Minim, will prevail and that I will be allowed to return to my role as an unassuming youth seeking instruction with humility, by which means I may hope to gain good fortune.

Hmmmm. Unassuming youth. Unassuming youth?

Unassuming. Youth. And humility?

Me thinks we’re too late — the hapless blogrolled person has been taken over by a pod person.


Mike Golby has written an important essay today in response to one that Meryl wrote earlier.

Brilliant writing and a very difficult subject.

Update Posting wasn’t pulled, it was a blogger problem. I’ve been having the same problems myself lately. Gladly, the link’s been restored.


A bright moment for today — Allan Moult is back online with G’Day Cobbers again!

Stop by. Say hi. Bring him a pie and tell him that you missed him.

Welcome back, Allan!

(Thanks to Steve for spotting Allan’s return.)

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