I am a Peaceblog

Mark posted a list of ‘peaceblogs’ at his weblog. This most likely follows from Doc Searls and his “where are all the peaceblogs” earlier in the month.

What Mark doesn’t realize, and Doc didn’t realize, is that all of us who are not for the war are for peace. Everyone of us is a peaceblog. It’s just that rather than share, hourly, in joy of the war as the warbloggers do, we feel the pain of the people of Iraq, and the soldiers fighting this mockery of a ‘war’, and we know, deep down inside the horror we have unleashed on the world.

But we can only say “My God, what have we done” so many times in a day.

So Mark, Doc, I ask you to add me to your roster of ‘peaceblogs’ because what you both forget is talk about everyday things, kitchen things, has always been about peace.

Close to 700 weblogs have added themselves to the Peaceblogs site. I did, but didn’t post the graphic. That was a mistake, now rectified.

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