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I own Stuff

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Technorati has a new beta feature: blogs with authority on topics. I, of course, checked out my site on certain topics to see if I am an ‘authority’.

I am the second highest authority on photography after Tim Bray ahead of Heather Champ. A big surprise there.

I am eleven in technology, after Doc and Meg and Scoble but before Dave Sifry, himself. There’s something rather poetic about that one.

I am second in Writing after Neil Gaiman. Who is Neil Gaiman, I think to myself. Exploring, I find a post talking about the Satanic Tomato. Of course.

I also own feminist but there’s only two of us. And I own women though there are more women. Just so there’s no confusion about my position, I also own goddess. And I’m fifteenth in Politics, but third on Bush. Oh my, I could have fun with this.

But none of this matters, because I own Stuff. When you own Stuff, then you know you’ve arrived. Oh, and it helps when you know how to work with metadata.

Ooops! Hold the presses! As of this afternoon, I am 12th in Technology and Dave Sifry is now one place ahead of me. Got to keep up in this metadata crazy world.

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