I prescribe a walk

I found a St. Louis community clinic system to see a doctor about the headaches and associated side-effects with my head. The one clinic is booked until next month, but another is free this week, but then you have to show proof of funding.

I’m not unemployed technically because I’m self-employed, though this is a bit of a joke at times (“What’s the difference being self-employed and being unemployed?” “There’s hope for gainful employment when you’re unemployed.”), so the form B201 I would need to get from the overworked unemployment office doesn’t work for me, and it will probably take me a month to get it, anyway. I guess I’ll bring my tax return for last year, except then I had unemployment insurance payments, and this year I don’t, and they’ll charge me accordingly.

The easiest thing to do, I’ve decided, is just spend the rest of the month hiking, and enjoying the start of the Fall color season; write about it here, maybe post the photos, and just ignore the whole thing.

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