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I’d call you smart

AKMA asked what tag I would apply to him from Dan Gillmor’s HonorTags. I do grow tired of offending people with my plain speech, but to use less now would ruin a fine and longstanding streak, so I’ll go for broke.

I would if I could try to find something urbane and witty, not to mention delicously snarky about ‘HonorTags’, but just looking at the word makes me cringe. Three years ago if someone had derived something like an HonorTag, we all would have jumped on and had a fine old time, because it would have been a joke; just like Googlewhacking and all the other silly memes.

But this was real, and no joke. What pill did we swallow to take us here?

AKMA I would call you a man of honor, today, tomorrow and even into next week. However, I won’t tag you, like you’re a cow and I’m a cowboy holding a hot iron. I won’t even tag Wonderchickenfree spirit that he is though like Dave, I miss him and Jonathon.

(Life happens. Sometimes it just happens elsewhere.)

I wouldn’t tag my worst enemy, so why would I do something like that to a person I admire?

There’s a place for us, Somewhere a place for us… Damn, I just cannot get that song out of my head.

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