I’d like a Big Mac

AppleWatch has an interesting article on the price differences between Apple computers and PCs. According to its analysis, Macs now cost close to twice as much as a PC for approximately the same hardware. Though people may prefer the Mac OS X, at the same time, can we afford such a price difference?

I recently wrote about needing to get a new computer. Both my Powerbook G4 and my Dell Inspiron 1505 are aging, and though they’re able to handle the load, my interest in HD video has really a strain on both. In addition, I’m starting to run into “Intel only” issues with my Powerbook; enough to make it difficult to keep up with my interest in, and work with, web graphics.

I have looked at refurbished iMacs, as well as Macbook Pros, and Macbooks. The Macbook Pros are way too expensive—I can’t swing them, end of story. The Macbooks have integrated graphics, and just won’t work for my interests. The iMacs, now, do interest me, but the one that I would want to get is still close to $1800.00, refurbished. I can get one of the new Dell Studio Hybrid, or an HP, or other machine for half the cost.

There is that issue of operating system, though. I do prefer the Mac OS X, hands down. I love my Macports and all that free software. I love how easy it was to set up Rails for a book I’m currently tech reviewing. I also appreciate the Parallels capability, in addition to others, that would allow me to run Windows and Linux side by side with the Mac OS X. It is, to be succinct, sweet. However, I can’t afford spending close to a couple of thousand on a new computer, not at this moment. It’s not a question of being frugal, or cheap, but of literally not having that amount of spare cash.

My hope for the Secret of Signals web site was that I could somehow turn it into an income earning site, focusing on digital how-tos, and the new state of internet video, and so on. This is one reason why I need an upgraded machine.

At the same time, to be ruthlessly honest with myself, I’ve never been able to really turn any kind of profit from my online sites, and I’m not sanguine I can do the same with SoS. Or any other of my sites, come to that. I couldn’t even earn $5.00 a quarter posting Amazon links for my books. In fact, my sites have never been anything but a labor of love, and sometimes not even that.

Pair that with spending an extra thousand on a computer and one can see why a person, such as myself, died in the wool Mac fan, would hesitate between a Mac, with its lovely OS, and a PC, with, ugh, Vista.

My hope is the rumors I’m hearing of newer, cheaper Macs hitting the streets soon are true, which is why I haven’t bought anything yet. In the meantime, I make do.

update I just noticed that the percentage difference for buying a refurbished Macbook Pro over a new one has increased to 35% for some models. I wonder if this isn’t signaling that there is some truth to cheaper Mac laptop coming, soon? Probably not, but it’s nice to dream.

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