If you linked to a photo of mine on Flickr

In the next few days, I’m running an application that will download all photos I’ve embedded in my web pages and convert the Flickr address to one running locally in space I control. I will then be canceling my Flickr account. This move has been planned for some time, and wasn’t specifically based on the new Flickr community guidelines. However, these guidelines did help remind me that Flickr is, first and foremost, a community site. I don’t take photos to participate as a community; I take photos because I love photography. As terrific as I’ve found many people in the Flickr community, this isn’t the reason I originally used the service. As such, I no longer feel comfortable using this, or any community-based photo service.

I know that in several cases, some of you have linked to my photos at Flickr rather than copy to your sites. Unfortunately, this is going to break the images in your space when I delete the Flickr account. I may keep the account until the subscription runs out, but best bet is to replace the linked images with ones copied. I plan on giving anyone who wants it permission to duplicate any of my photos in their weblog. I won’t use a Creative Commons license; what I will do is spell out how and when the photos can be used. Copying to add to a weblog post is one of those uses.

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