RDF Specs

Proving yet again

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

…why Atom is the only syndication format to use (if you all persist in finding RDF too hard that is, and go icky poo with RSS 1.x).

Rogers Cadenhead:

In part to address his concerns (and some voiced by Palfrey), I launched a new site for the board and we’ve been working on a newly written specification that seeks to resolve long-standing issues with RSS that make it difficult to implement, such as a lack of clarity on whether an item’s description is the only element that can carry HTML. (The spec’s not official — it’s published to solicit public review for at least 60 days. I encourage people who are interested in it to join the RSS-Public mailing list.)

Winer has now decided that the board doesn’t exist and never had authority over the RSS specification, even though it has published six revisions from July 2003 to the present.

God giveth. God taketh away.

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