Investigation clears Quizilla

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Serious questions about the integrity of Quizilla have been raised in my comments in regards to the most recent quiz, How grammatically sound are you?

Jonathon Delacour put forth:

Though I suspect the reason Quizilla didn’t post the correct answers is to ensure that no-one ranks below Grammar Master. Can anyone disprove this theory by admitting they’re a Grammar Dunce?

Dave Rogers concurs with Jonathon, saying:

Well, I suspect the game may be rigged. I are an engineer, and I scored deity.

And Doug has threatened to revolt.

Insidious curs! Well, you can slander our politics and piss on our syndication format, accuse us of being Journalists and even kick our cats, but don’t you dare malign our quizzes!

Just to prove that the integrity of Quizilla remains inviolable, I carefully retook the test, picking what I thought were the worst answers for each question. I have triumphed, and present proof:

of the English tongue!

Unless this is your third language, there
is absolutely no excuse for your ignorance.
You shame us with your speech. Go back and
finish your schooling, bastard.

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