IT Kitchen menu schedule

A Schedule of the Daily Menus for the IT Kitchen is as follows, and you can sign up for Kitchen Duty here.

Appreciations in advance for those who join the fun:

October 25th: Smart Mobs? Or just Mobs

  • The issues of group behavior, for good and bad
  • Elitism and the effect of the cult
  • Impact of group behavior on events
  • The power of the link and Google as henchman
  • Significant events reflecting group behavior (Lott, CBS Documents)
  • Prevention or punishment
  • Bees and buzzing – popularity and popularity measurements and impacts on influence

October 26th: Here come de Cooks!

  • Collaboration and social software, IRC and its impact on weblogging
  • FOAF and other RDF vocabularies (ooo, said the bad word)
  • Virtual conferences and meetups
  • Pressing the flesh – meeting the virtual in reality
  • Group weblogs and wikis
  • Going beyond the weblog – friendster et al

October 27th: Frying Spam

  • ’bout what you think it is, comment, email, and referrer spam
  • How to not care and feed the troll
  • Stalkers
  • How to secure your site
  • How to secure yourself
  • Burnt or nicely browned – can flaming be effective

October 28th: The Stylish Webber

  • Site design and CSS
  • Validation
  • Importance of accessibility, and what are the major roadblocks
  • Working with generic designs
  • Are there Looks? And is this good?

October 29th: Slice and Dice

  • Syndication and Aggregation – the specs and the tools
  • Issues of Promotion and getting known, popularity
  • How much is too much in a syndication feed
  • Aggregation and multimedia
  • A History of weblogging
  • Favorite Memes of the past (remember Google bashing?)
  • The infamous syndication wars

October 30th: The Kitchen Tools

  • Introduction to the the different tools and environments
  • General how-tos
  • Basic discussions of trackback, pinging, buzz sheets, syndication feeds, and so on
  • Languages? We gotcher languages here! Tutorials and tips about the tools and languages.

October 31: Halloween Open House!

Whatever anyone wants to write about as long as its legal and doesn’t get the host busted

November 1: Beyond The Kitchen Tools

  • Extending the tools through plugins, embedded scripts, direct database intervention
  • Integrating with Web services
  • Weblogging style – or is there a specific style?
  • Long versus short, to link or not
  • Kicking the Baby Squirrels – is there a place for criticism in weblogging?

November 2: Biting that which can bite back

  • Copyright and DRM and issues of ownership, as well as longevity of content, and ultimate ownership
  • If a weblogger quits or even dies, do the pages fade, or can they be preserved by others? Should they be?
  • Do webloggers have an obligation to their readers?
  • Weblogs and the law – who will be sued first
  • Weblogs and the law – who will be arrested for treason first
  • Weblogs and issues of national boundaries and censorship
  • Weblogs and Politics and Politcs and Weblogs – oh my

November 3: Movable Feast

  • Uses and issues of moblogging, audioblogging, streaming, video blogging
  • Also digital photography, flickr, and photoblogging
  • Podcasting and garage band journalism

November 4: Weblogging Themes

  • Theme based weblogging such as poetry, gardening, cooking, technology, education, the publishing business and so on
  • Benefits of genre specific weblogging
  • subject specific weblogging
  • Online genres
  • Topic specific weblogging, such as focusing on feminism, national issues, specific events

November 5: Salt and Pepper

  • Are there ethics in weblogging? Rules and regs, or is this the ultimate free environment?
  • What are the taboo topics? Work? Family?
  • Should weblogs only be limited by law?
  • Accountability and the weblogger
  • You can say that here, but should you?
  • Making money in the weblogs – weblogging and commercialization
  • Sex sells – using sex in weblogs
  • Ads, subscriptions, tip jars, paid content, corporate sponsorship
  • Yeah, just where are the women

Evening of November 5th is the Cat Close Out and group sing-a-long

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