Diversity Technology

It starts with one

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

David Weinberger wrote about turning down attendance at an event because the guest list ended up being all men.

When I told the organizers why I wasn’t coming, they replied that they had invited three women who turned out to be unavailable. After our conversation they have invited some more women. But, only a few because, they told me, they’re trying to keep the total number of participants down so it will be more intimate – more better bonding! I told them they could use my spot to invite another woman. Have I mentioned that this is how the old boy network is formed?

Well done David. And yes, I think it is important that you discuss it online. It lets other folks know that there are consequences for not ‘trying hard enough’ to reach diversity.

Trying to diversify these gatherings doesn’t mean a lowering of quality. It means keeping your mind open as to what makes an interesting person; being aware that each of us contributes in our own unique, and possibly, different way. It also means questioning the assumptions, and if the answers aren’t good enough, making what could be some tough decisions.

So I’ll say again: well done, David.

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