RDF Technology

It was lovely while it lasted

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.


Consensus about the RDF Poetry Finder is that it is, at best, overly ambitious, at worst, undoable. It’s also a project that primarily only interested me — not surprising since it was my little fevered brain storm — so I’m not going to continue the discussion or the essays, at least for now. I’ll work on my own with the suggestions and ideas given, and if I can contrive something, will post the results. With a concrete implementation, or at least a prototype — something in RDF/XML with moving parts for us all to look at — we might try this again.

That’s the thing about weblogging — we find that the stories that interest us, fascinate us, are nothing more than posts to skip over for many of our friends. We don’t all share much more than the tool and the word.

Of course, my mind was focused on this. I have no idea what to talk about now. I’ve already bared my soul. I don’t want to talk about my cat. Postmodernism scares me. I don’t have the background for linguistics. I can’t speak Chinese.

I’ll go back to photographs and borrowed words for a while.


I did want to thank people who dropped in with ideas and suggestions, and expressed interest, good comments, great poetry. If you’re still interested in this as an idea and a concept, please let me know. Contrary to popular opinion, not all technical people really like working on their own. Sometimes, they/I like working with others.

Perhaps I’ll create a quiet little side blog somewhere to work on this outside of the bright light. Some passions flourish best in the soft shadows, like good mushrooms, fine wines, and crazy, unworkable ideas.

My apologies to those who thought I was tucked away with a happy project, a soft pillow, and a warm cup of milk to tide me over. However, I have my photos, and my occasional word — I am content.

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