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It’s about women, dear

I was so very pleased about the turnout for the Women’s march last Sunday. What impressive pictures there were! All those people, united in support of a woman’s right to control her own destiny.

I can’t really add much to the discussion on this March that hasn’t been ably said by FeministeBody & Soul, and Ampersand. However, I was intrigued by the so-called guest-blog written by a former Clinton staff member, Bruce Reed, at Kevin Drum’s political magazine.

(When did the blogger Kevin Drum become the official pundit and magazine author Kevin Drum? You guys – you really crack me up, sometimes.)

In his rather brief post, Reed focused on the fact that there wasn’t much religious representation at the March:

After sharing the Mall with a million choice supporters yesterday, I don’t see how anyone could say that our side lacks religious fervor. People made pilgrimages from thousands of miles to stand up for their convictions, flocking to the capital of compassionate conservatism to demand more compassion from their leaders.

At the same time, I couldn’t help noticing that the one thing we seem to have no religious fervor for is religion.

His words have been met with a veritable avalanche of photo evidence of religious representation, as well as discussions about religion and political affiliation, accompanied by Democratic assurances of, “I’m Dem and I do so believe in God”.

This somewhat harkens back to my previous writing on the Political Christ, and a topic I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this year. However, for now, I was amused at Reed’s take on the March. Rather than focus on women’s issues in this Women’s march, let’s focus on religion and the Democratic party, instead.

Isn’t that just like a guy? If you can’t be an expert, change the topic.

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