It’s the oddest thing

It’s it the oddest thing how you start to write one thing, but end up writing something completely different. My last post was to be about a new facility here at Burningbird, but ended up being anything but.

Anyway, before I lose this post, I wanted to point you to Planet Burningbird. This is a site that provides an aggregation of all the posts at all the various sites I maintain, including Wordform, Practical RDF, Tinfoil Project, IT Kitchen, and Burningbird. I’m using Planet software to manage the aggregation, and to provide outputs in HTML, as well as RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 (no template for Atom, yet).

I also plan on creating Planet incarnations for comments and various other interesting groupings of syndicated feeds. It’s just too fun to stop.

Planet is written in Python, and quite easy to use (holler if you want more details). The software includes template files you can edit, similar to WordPress and MT or TextPattern, to alter the appearance, or the data, of the output. For instance, for Planet Burningbird, the HTML template has been integrated with the Burningbird look, and the syndication feeds adjusted to provide excerpts and not full content.

(I had merged Practical RDF into Burningbird but have since split it out again, since I can now easily aggregate all my writings in one spot.)

The feeds are generated once per hour. Now you can easily keep up with ALL my writings. I am mistress of all you see!

(Now, this was what I was going to write about in the last post. )

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