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Mars attacks

Version 1.0 of MarsEdit released last week , and Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise celebrated by issuing the first trailer for the upcoming remake of the ultimate sci-fi classic, “War of the Worlds”.

I am not surprised that War of the Worlds is being re-made, and not terribly surprised that Spielberg is trying it. I am surprised at Tom Cruise being in it–not a person I would have picked for a movie such as this.

This is one of the most beloved movies among old sci-fi fans; if this gives Spielberg a built-in audience, it’s going to very critical one. Stay tuned…

As for MarsEdit, I’m actually using this new Mac OS X goodie with this post to see how it works. I like the live spellcheck feature, and it’s nice to know that if my internet connection dies, the post remains. The tool can integrate with popular Mac Text tools, such as BBEdit or TextMate, though it seems to do fine all by itself.

Wow, I really like that live spellchecking. Now, if it could only point out bad grammar.

Of course, the true test is: will it post to my weblog. It says it works with any MetaBlog API supporting tool, such as WordPress, so we’ll see.

Stay tuned…

Worked a treat, and fast, too. The only problem is that the post was future dated, so it didn’t show up right away. My system clock is set for Eastern time, while my weblog runs at Central. I can’t see a way to change this either. However, not that big a problem. It doesn’t look like I can add my notes, or category, and this is a small issue. Still, I like creating the post in MarsEdit, and then can manipulate the other information in the weblog tool.

It is, all in all, a very good weblog editor. Worth the fee. And I’m not even getting paid to say this–though I wouldn’t be adverse to a ticket to War of the Worlds when it comes out.


Found the category.

MarsEdit closed comments by default, and wasn’t aware of it until now. However, this can be changed in options in the tool.

But that date and time problem is becoming a real showstopper.

update The timestamp isn’t a MarsEdit bug, but a bug in WordPress 1.2. It will most likely be fixed in WordPress 1.3.

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