January 28, 2002

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Bribes! Bribes! What’s this about bribes!

Dearest, the mugs were nothing more than party favors at a Blog Party. Best kind of party, too. I didn’t have to clean up after any drunks, or end up with someone reflecting a whole lot of bad taste or an advanced state of inebriation — or both.

Wait a sec…are you another Australian?


TX Meryl turned me on to a posting she knew I would like. Wrong. I LOVED it!

Gretchen Pirillo — whatever she says, is ditto for me. Double ditto. With fudge sauce. Tim Tams on the side. This posting made my evening!

Oh, and BTW, regarding having comments for weblogs: The only reason I write to this weblog is the joy of meeting all of you. I’ll trade 100 hits for one comment from you, my weblogging readers, any day, any minute, and second.

Now, excuse, I have to go think of a really good zinger back at Jonathon. Something realllly good.


I need to stop screwing around and get back to work, but wanted to drop in apologies for the slight down time earlier. I followed NJ Meryl’s suggestion about adding a little more variety to my comment counter and had the hardest time remembering that this was PHP, not Perl or Python. Crash and burn.

Speaking of coding: Garth are you playing around with someone’s closed source code? Tsk tsk tsk.


Per Jonathan – female orgasm pill. He thinks it will outsell viagra.

Sweet heart, whatever gives you the idea that we need a pill?


And did you all notice that I now have a thought for the day, listed after the Blogicon items? Hmmm?


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