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Kick own butt—the elephant marches on

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Well, I was feeling sorry for myself earlier until my friends told me to lay off and ‘quitcherbellyachin’ — sort of.

In particular, Loren reminded me that rather than being out hiking in the woods, or at the St. Louis zoo as I was today, I could be as he is — poor soul, chained to his desk and computer, slowly converting his weblog from Adobe GoLive to Movable Type by copying and pasting each individual entry. Select-Copy-Paste. Select-Copy-Paste. Select-Copy-Paste.

Loren, though you’re not the first to make the move to Movable Type, you’re ahead of the pack in quality of material posted … and in the sheer volume of work necessary for you to make the conversion. So, this photo’s for you.


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