The hunt for the wild MT Documenters

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Jonathon Delacour and Allan Moult have started their Movable Type Documentation posts. If ThreadNeedle had existed, this tool would be perfect for tracking their work, as well as ancillary writing and posts related to their generous efforts. I know it’s only a matter of time before others also post their own tips and experiences, and ThreadNeedle could have pulled this all together into one lovely package.

However, ThreadNeedle, the tool, does not exist, for which I must bow my head with shame. (Well, not really with shame; more of a slight nod of consternation –a bot mot of “Oh well, it didn’t get done and loss of techie karma points to me”.) Therefore, I have no other option: I am become ThreadNeedle.

(Don’t sue me for that ‘become’, Ryan.)

I have created a new weblog, The Hunt for the Wild MT Documenters specifically for tracking Jonathon’s, Allan’s, and other’s efforts related to User-originated Movable Type Documentation.

Why have I done this? Well, one reason is as I stated — there is no ThreadNeedle tool, so I am become ThreadNeedle personified. However, a second reason is that I’m blatantly crashing Jonathon and Allan’s party. The wonderous thing about the Internet in general and weblogging specifically is that you can’t keep out the riff raff out no matter what you do. And baby, I can be the worst form of riff raff.

So join me at the new weblog, The Hunt for the Wild MT Weblogger, as we spy on the elusive and wiley MT Documenters going about their every day life. The first installment, The Hunt’s Afoot, and the second, First Sighting have already been posted.

MT Documenters: Serve with capers and a fine red wine, and in the company of someone you love.

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