Kindle Coupon

I imagine this will kick start Kindle sales: MobileRead reports that Oprah Winfrey calls the Kindle her favorite gadget. All due respect to the Big O, I could care less, except that there’s supposedly a $50.00 coupon associated with her favoritism, which you can use when you buy a Kindle. The coupon code is OPRAHWINFREY, lasting until November 1.

I haven’t been writing much about my Kindle, something I plan on changing at my newly updated Just Shelley site. In the meantime, the Kindle is not a bad gift idea, and $50.00 saved is $50.00 saved.

PS Rumor has it that the UK Kindle is on its way, but you know how rumors are.

PPS Perhaps Om Malik will buy a Kindle for Stacey now that he can get a $50.00 discount.

PPPS Oops, no go for the UK Kindle just yet.

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