Last words

I don’t have anything further to add to the discussion about women and whatever. The same old same old happens.

I’ve listened to men who are in the loop who look around and say, “There’s no problem.”

I’ve heard other men say there is a problem, and what are ‘they’, the men, going to do to fix it.

We’ve gone through another round of again listing out women who can speak/do tech/write and so on.

It’s more or less the same list that is always published.

It’s more or less made up of women who live in Silicon Valley.

I’ve heard how the only reason why women bring this up is that we somehow want to have an ‘easy’ in to things, and if we only worked as hard, we wouldn’t have problems.

That it’s all choice, and women aren’t interested in the web, internet, technology, design.

Well, I guess my career is shot.

I’ve heard ‘positive discrimination’ mentioned too many times to count.

I’ve heard eloquent arguments, many put forward by men. More arguments by men, but then there could have been as many arguments by women and I just couldn’t find them.

I watched as men formed the core of this discussion, while the women, like so many little moons, circled in desperate orbit.

I wonder at men who won’t work for change, unless it somehow benefits themselves.

But then, I wonder the same about the women.

I’m more disappointed in what the women have said, or not said, than anything written by the men.

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