Lets hear it for bad ideas

BetterBadNews has a new video online…or is that vidcast? Anyway, this one covers the new idea of Citizen Public Speakers, as a complement to Citizen Journalist. In this initial broadcast, Huffington Post and Jeff Jarvis are featured.

If the idea of twice chewed weblog posts appeals, then Citizen Public Speakers ought to ring your bells. As the Moderator explains:

…most good ideas fail…I lost everything I had on some very good ideas. I want to be sure it’s a bad idea next time. I have learned how to recognize a really promising bad idea by the lack of competitors. This helps provide a safe space for experimentation.

I want to see BBN take on Web 2.0, next. In the meantime, there’s a fresh market for developing a podcast extension to RSS2Blog. Get in on the ground floor.

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