Lighter side

Sheila Lennon has been coming up with wonderous links. First there’s a link to the Poetry Archive. This site contains recordings made by poets of their own works, including several readings by the likes of Kipling and Alfred Lord Tennyson. To satisfy the tweaky types, there’s tag clouds for both theme and form. Most of the recordings have anecdotal information attached, and all have the reading in text as well as audio.

Sheila also points us to Carols of the Chins and the Ugly Christmas Lights site. Though after hanging faux icicles around his house, Ken Camp might want to skip this one. Of the upcoming holiday, Ken writes:

Lastly, I ask you, my friends, to think about Santa. He’s watching. He knows when you’re nice. He knows when you’re naughty. He spends the entire year laying out his plans for those who are naughty and those who are nice. He’s been watching over you paying attention to your deeds and words every single day. And while you’re sleeping, quiet slumber on Christmas Eve, he’ll be slipping in quietly, perhaps even skulking in a dark corner, to bring you something…special.

I’d link directly to Ken’s Santa to go with these words, but hot linking is naughty.

Speaking of images, isn’t this a beautiful photo? All of the photographer’s work is lovely.

And then there’s this.

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