Lots of visitors

According to my statistics package, I had over 25,000 visits from Slashdot the last few days. I do know that my server felt the strain Friday night, but held together. I learned an important lesson from the experience — don’t save your pages as ‘php’, unless you really need the PHP functionality. As Mark said, Ouch!

In addition, over 160 comments in the weblog posting, and over 330 at Slashdot.

Calls for a sequel, with lots of requests for favorite languages. I would like to visit Babble Meadow again, except the next time I thought I would go with a different group of characters. I think weblogger avatars should have a convention, don’t you? Want to visit Babble Meadow?

In the meantime, I have some family stuff I have to do the next couple of days. Till Wednesday.

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