RDF Writing

Practical RDF—Chapter 1

I just posted the first chapter of Practical RDF to the book review weblog. I plan on posting 2-3 chapters every day until all chapters are posted.

I cancelled family commitments as I need to have the chapter reviews finished by the end of the month — I’ll be losing my web server November 4th, when the end of my rental period is up.

(Note that I’m not letting the server go because I’m unhappy with Interland — the company has been great. However, I don’t need either the power or the size of server I currently have.)

Besides, nothing like a tight deadline to make a book review process flow quickly

I had hoped to have more chapters ready for review today but a couple of things came up this weekend that delayed me a bit. Still, better to start with one chapter than none.

My appreciations in advance to any and all who are willing to give me a hand with the review.

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