Me feed fifteen

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

(I wanted to spell it Phiphteen to be über hip, but my cat hissed at me.)

Now this is fun. PZ Myers writes on the Hot or Not Scienceblogger where he ended up at number three. (He wonders why. It’s the squid, PZ. They’re sexy.)

Guess what boys and girls. The hottest science blogger is Shelley Batts a third year Neuroscience PhD candidate.

Janet Stemwedel (that’s Dr. Stemwedel to you) cried, “Have at ye!” with a nerd-off:

It’s time for a nerd-off.

My opening volley after the jump, starting where one does: my momma.

The nerd apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My momma programs in COBOL.

Circa 1989, my momma emailed me ASCII cow-art. Some of it was NSFW.

Oh yeah? Well, where do you think your momma got that art?

(Yes, I realize that I’m not a science blogger…but I got geek street cred.)

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