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More voices on moral clarity

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Two new voices raised on the issue of Moral Clarity:

Kath writes:

My friend claims that my demanding of my rights violates his right to what he values most – his safety. I claim that living life is a risk. You could get hit by bus while crossing the street. You could slip on rug and break your neck. You could get on the same plane as a terrorist no matter what safety precautions are put in place, short of requiring everyone to travel naked, with no luggage and no in-flight amenities that might be turned into weapons.

I agree with Kath on the issue of not compromising our freedoms in order to claim a spurious sense of safety. As we have seen recently, you can get killed just crossing a bridge. In life there are no guarantees.

And Jonathon writes:

Moral Clarity, now playing at a multiplex near you. There’s the risk of confusing the audience by casting Saudis and Pakistanis as both Arnie’s allies and his enemies. But a top-class writer like Bill Bennett should be able to paper over any holes in the storyline.

Viewpoints based on expediency and morality based on oil. Too sadly true. Hypocrisy, moral clarity, and oil. But before we willy nilly slam governments, when was the last time you topped off your tank?

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