Moult’s Protea and Golby

hat’s a heck of a title, isn’t it? Moult’s Protea and Golby. It sounds like the name of something on four legs that wins a lot of shows.

(Will I be forgiven this? Hard to say…)

Allan Moult has a new edition of Leatherwood Online out, and he shares his own Protea photo album. This is an interesting and lovely flower, and Allan’s photos are first rate. I’d steal one to display, but I promised to ease up on bandwidth for the nonce.

(Besides – Allan’s work will show mine up.)

There’s also a story about a sea kayaking trip to Finder’s Island, featuring an excellent animated panoramic slide show; and a illustrated article on butterflies using drawings rather than photos, which makes a lovely change. Definitely worth a visit.

Turning now to Mr. Golby, if you’ve accessed his site recently, you may have noticed that he has his own domain name now, We’re still working through some issues with archive files, old permalinks, and .htaccess redirects, but if you link Mike in Bloglines, an aggregator, or your blogroll, you’ll want to update the URL.

New address, but still the same passion, excellent writing, and Dylan.

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