Neighborhood Changes

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

If you notice me quiet at Burningbird, look around and you’ll most likely see me busy in the other quiet little nooks that I’m building into the Burningbird Network. I’ve long had an interest in moving my old web resources over into MT content management, and am finally accomplishing this. I am also organizing my photos in such a way that they are more easily accessible for those interested in them.

In addition, I’ve had some ideas, talked about here and elsewhere, that I’m also finally getting around to implementing. If I was of a delicate condition, one could almost call this flurry of activity the product of a ‘nesting instinct’, but no worries — no little Burning Birdetts are in the offing. Just me wanting to finish all that I’ve started.

I’m also trying to write the three final essays to the Weblog linking series, a task made more challenging by the thoughtful comments in response to the last posting on deleting archived entries. I find it easier, much easier, to write about the technology of a broken link, than to write about the possibility of a broken trust or a fragmented history. Hopefully all of the essays will be finished in a day or so. Pester me if I’m late.

In the meantime, though I don’t know if I need to specifically point this out due to the number of pings I’ve received from essay links, Jonathon Delacour has returned from his weblogging hiatus. From the warm greetings he’s received, Jonathon should count himself a lucky man.

To begin as he means to go, he’s also posted his own weblogging ethics, an interesting and thoughtful read.

Welcome back Jonathon.

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