Neighborhood news

As much fun as it is to spend time with my homegirls, taking bad boys into back alleys and beating the metaphorical crap out of them, I do have other things to write about.

Today is a link day to friends.

Congratulations to Sheila Lennon for getting Honorable Mention for online reporting at the National Society of Newspaper Columnists recent gathering. She also goes on to mention how all of the online award winners were bloggers – maybe the mainstream press has reason to think we’re all an uppity bunch!

Joseph Duemer has moved his site to Textpattern, completed a lovely re-design, and is hosted now at Textdrive. Currently, Textdrive is offering an unusual lifetime hosting deal, and the offer specifically mentions how the site is geared towards open source weblogging tools such as Textpattern and WordPress.

(And I’m thankful that Joe has provided an explanation of ’sharp sand’.)

Farrago, our dear penguin and cat loving friend from South Africa, has taken over a Blogger-based weblog called Golgi’s. She’ll be re-designing the site and changing the name, but if you’ve linked to Farrago in the past, you’ll probably want to update your links.

And I miss voices too long silent – and I’m in the mood to turn my writing to cooking, huckleberry margaritas, technology (that’s helpful but won’t make me a saint), and how I wish I had a potato patch.

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