Neighborhood news

Frank has posted the first installment of the Mike Golby interview. Fitting Mike’s status as the blogger with the most…words, the final interview approaches 20,000 words. Thanks to Frank for splitting it up.


Recently, I’ve moved from a tight social circle where every blog entry I’ve read is reflected in my daily offering, across to clusters of newfound bloggers, and back again to individuals and groupings. Things change; people change. We float away, we come back. In recent weeks, I’ve been solitary, moving from writing intensely personal entries to giving ill-informed commentaries on current affairs. I’m exploring the boundaries of myself in this unknown space, not knowing what the hell is going on or what it or I am all about. I find it enormously exciting, invigorating, tough, rewarding, and addictive.

Gary continues his quest to get sued by major publications with his version of a famous financial magazine.

Yours truly is feeling the heat and the humidity and the work on the book. Want read weblog. Don’t want write weblog.

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