No Pings I

Another side effect of the move is that trackback pings were not working on my sites, and the trackback templates were broken with the photo blogs.

However, I am a highly trained technical person, with over 20 years of experience, a degree in computer science and skills beyond most mortal men. Women too. I put my keen sense of troubleshooting to work, determined to hunt down this error and kill it, kill it dead.

It was grueling. It was a true battle between woman and machine – a struggle of monumental proportions. However my talents pervailed and I found the error – somehow the file didn’t get copied to each of my sites. Trackback didn’t work because, in effect, Trackback wasn’t there.

This move has been a tough move. This week has been a long week. If you’ve pinged me this week, you might want to send that ping my way again. Sorry.

(And at this point, Loren is frantically making backup copies of all of his files before I move his site first thing in the morning.)

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