Now this side of the country…freeze!

You only have to look at the *severe weather map to find that most of the country from the midwest to the east is suffering either high wind advisories or winter storms. We in St. Louis are in the middle of the high wind and with dropping temperatures, and there is no way I’ll be out today.

I just noticed that Weather Underground is providing syndication feeds and I subscribed for my zip zone. It also demonstrates what happens when you get too many ’subscribe’ buttons on a page. They’re beginning to block the weather photos I enjoy so much.

However, if we’re windy today, and cold, we’re not as cold as some, as witness the poem that Jerry wroteAt Minus Seventeen of which I only excerpted one stanza, with strong recommendations you slip, slide, and scramble over to his site for the rest:

And those of us with skinny asses
lacking essential blubber masses
desperately remained at home
ordering long johns on the phone
to only get a pair of diminutive woollies
that cut off blood to our extremities
it is less than it seems at minus seventeen

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