Now, who is my pick

I do believe that John Kerry was much more relaxed and confident during the debate. President Bush seemed very pressured at times, very uncomfortable with the venue. He stumbled quite a bit more than Kerry, though usually did recover himself.

(Kerry toasted Bush! On a scale of lightly browned to burnt, President Bush was too done to even feed the hogs.)

I especially appreciated Kerry’s nods when Bush was making statements about his voting records, as if to say, of course I vote that way–but that’s not the point, and this isn’t the issue. I think his point on the tax cuts was a very good one – they benefit people like him and Bush, not the rest of us.

(Yes sir, yes ma’am, he did. Kerry fried ‘em all up and served ‘em semi-sweet, dusted with confect’ner’s sugah! )

I believe that one of the more important points that Kerry made throughout was that when our attention should have been focused on Al Queda in Afghanistan, we misdirected our people to Iraq, and now we’re in the midst of difficult times in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Too much time has been spent on Iraq. And now we have no choice but to continue focusing on that country, to our detriment elsewhere.

(Toast! Toast! Toast! That man was toast! Toast! Toast! He’yah! Sing it out! Toast! Toast! Toast!)

I also believe that Kerry made a very good point about how Iraq is now taxing our resources dangerously, leaving us more vulnerable to terrorism rather than less. I also don’t believe that President Bush’ statement about the Patriot Act (though not specifically named) was a very persuasive counter-thrust.


Towards the end President Bush hinted again about how ‘dangerous’ it could be to switch leaders now, about how it sends mixed signals. No, it does not. It sends a message to the world that in this country we can change leaders when we, the people, want, not when it suits them. That was probably the think that irritated me the most the last year in this election–the implication that we can’t change presidents now or something Bad will happen.

(Bad toast. Bad.)

I supported John Kerry before the debate, so I didn’t go into this undecided. However, I now feel that much more strongly about John Kerry as my choice for President.


Okay, okay, let’s face facts: those who supported Kerry will see him as ‘the winner’ of the debate and those who supported Bush will see him as ‘the winner’; we haven’t heard from the undecided voter, and won’t until election night. But it was fun to let loose a purely partisan reaction. Let me hear you brothers, and sisters…toast!

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