Tower Grove test flight

I didn’t get out for photos until late afternoon, and the light was almost gone. I went to Tower Grove for my camera tryout, testing various modes, but taking the photos as Nikon RAW format (NEF). I am still amazed at how fast the photos recorded, and how well the camera did under difficult lighting conditions.

I used the 18-70mm zoom that comes as part of the D70 kit, and especially adapted for digital cameras. Next trip I’ll start testing out all the other lenses and the various accouterment I’ve collected over the years.

Being RAW format, I also needed to tweak the photos bit in Photoshop, but not as much as expected. Later as I become more familiar with the camera and the capability, I’ll probably be better with the light shifts in the sky (polarizing filter would help with that, but I don’t have one for the new lens.)

It was trickier getting the images into Photoshop than I thought. I finally had to settle for using Nikon Capture to convert to TIFF, and from there to Photoshop. Tomorrow I hunt down the Adobe RAW plugin for Photoshop 6.x.

I wish I could show you how sharp these images are in uncompressed format, but that doesn’t translate well to ‘web shots’. Take my word for it – sharp. This is a lovely camera, and I can now do some considerable damage to yours and my bandwidth.

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