Oh dear but this is sad

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

With some of the current unpleasantness going on in the WordPress support forum and elsewhere, I’ll focus more quickly on getting the WordPress to Movable Type format export finished. This doesn’t mean I’m encouraging people to move, as I really like WordPress. And it doesn’t mean you’re locked into moving back to Movable Type: most major weblogging tools provide utilities and instructions for importing MT formatted weblog data.

(That’s why I will only support the MT format–using Atom is just a way of showing that you’re geeky. Sorry, but why focus on an export format not supported by most tools?)

However, some of the decision making can have some pretty adverse impacts on the non-geeks who just want to use a weblogging tool that works and doesn’t get them spammed. I really like WordPress, and respect and like many of the people who work on and help support the tool; but right now, there are a lot of growing pains and a little too much arrogance associated with the core community, and this isn’t good for the tool.

(I wonder if I just lost my volunteers for my upcoming tutorials?)

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