Oh Horrors!

I wrote two posts related to politics and feminism, and another related to philosophy, with a few pictures thrown in. I must now write on technology.

Movable Type 3.1 did release today, right on schedule. Congratulations to the 6A group. When I mentioned doing the export for MT from WP last week, another person emailed me telling me he was already at work on it. And work he did — finishing it up in record time. When he publishes the script I’ll post a link to it. I’ve already tested it with my own weblog, porting from WordPress 1.2 to MT 3.1 and it worked a treat–and I have some odd data elements in my installation of WP.

So now once I get an official copy of Movable Type 3.1 (without signing up for TypeKey being the stubborn lady that I am) I’ll finish that section of the tutorial on tool independence, covering other aspects of moving from WordPress to Movable Type 3.1.

And vice versa. No worries on those wanting to go the other direction. I’ve already started porting three volunteer’s weblogs from Movable Type to WordPress (and other environs), in my space to cover that aspect of the writing. I’m holding on porting their actual sites until WordPress 1.3 releases — I’m using the alpha/beta code for my work, but would prefer using released code for other’s live weblogs. However, I don’t want to wait on the writing until 1.3 releases. I need to be finished quickly.

Oh, and I’ve decided to drop the style switcher, so next time you read this, your favorite style will probably be gone. I think I’ve found the look I can live with and that looks decent in all browsers. It has no rounded corners, and minimal shadowing and it doesn’t look anything like Kubrick — but at least it’s uniquely me. I hope that you can all live with what you see. If not, then I hope you all can lie very effectively. I will take either and be content.

Scott Hanson has posted a link to his WP export script and a write-up at his weblog.

If this gets easy enough, you could eventually switch weblogs weekly, just to keep everyone guessing. Become a true weblogging polygamist.


“Sure, some Movable Type users migrated to other tools. And, of course, it is sad to see them leave. However, we feel strongly that the Movable Type community (and Six Apart as a company) has only become stronger since these changes. And if those who migrated do want to come back, we always have that import button. That freedom is why we have also had export since almost day one.”

Deja vu, all over again. From Mena’s Corner.

Oh, and heads up folks: the dynamic PHP page feature only works with standard MT template tags — no plug-ins. Save yourself hassle and heartache trying to get this one to work.

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