Old images old friends

My scanner arrived and works a treat. I have about two weeks of old slides and negatives to scan in, but here’s a start.

Lake Champlain is the Great Lake that almost was, nestled between New York and Vermont, home to the Green Mountain boys. Living on Grand Isle in the middle of the lake was a quiet time, made more so because outsiders were not necessarily welcome by the people born and bred.

Still the beauty of the land more than made up for it, especially in the Fall, when we were surrounded by a riot of color.


Quiet as it was, though, we had our share of the wealthy and the famous. And not all were on two legs – the famous Royal Lippizans summered every year on the island, and the Herrmann family would put on shows for the summer visitors.


These horses start out grey and then turn white when they mature. They’re also indulged and pampered, and more or less take a roll in the dirt when the mood suits.


Pretty, but not as pretty as my little girl.


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