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Old New England times

From Vermont we moved to Boston, still one of my favorite cities. I like walking towns, and Boston is built for people on foot. It’s a must, only people with an old car or very good insurance drive in Boston.


Ah, Boston, with its images of old New England, and the Big Dig. The photo above is a reflection of Trinity Church in the John Hancock Tower – worst piece of architecture in the world. The building was designed to ‘blend in’ by appearing invisible via the reflective windows.

But they built the thing on land fill. So the building’s not completely stable, windows didn’t fit, several fell out. Additionally, the construction unsettled the land and damaged Trinity.

But Boston survives Towers and Digs. My favorite place is still the Commons, and it was old when our country was new.


Even in the heart of Boston, always places to go for a quiet moment.


Of course, wouldn’t want New Hampshire to feel left out. The following is Howard Dean’s post-Iowa New Hampshire headquarters.

(Just joshin’ the Dean folks. Figured sound jokes were getting a little old about now.)


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