I don’t have time at the moment to write anything in-depth on the recent decision of the W3C to let the charter for the XHTML2 working group expire. Instead, I’m going to list several interesting and/or relevant writings others have done, as both bookmarking for a future story, and for your edification.

I’ll probably add to this list over time.

update I have just filed my first formal objection with the W3C about the philosophy of one vote/one veto for the major browser vendors over any aspect of the HTML 5 specification.

What the one vote/one veto decision principle means is that if a company, such as Microsoft, states it will not implement, say, SVG in HTML, the Canvas element, or any other aspect of HTML 5— up to and including the entire HTML 5 specification — that it will be pulled from the HTML 5 specification. No discussion among the members of the HTML WG would be allowed to override this decision.

This is what replaces work on XHTML2. This is the future of your web.

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