One last SxSW post

I discovered that the SxSW panel on Increasing Women’s Visibility on the Web: Whose Butt Should We Be Kicking is still happening, under Blogher management. One of the original panel members, Virginia DeBolt, is still on the panel, and it looks like a goodly mix of people will be featured.

I am disappointed that the original panel fell through, though I’m glad that Blogher was able to salvage it. As reticent as I am of meetups, this was one of the few events I was anticipating keenly this year. The fact that it fell through, and how it fell through was a disheartening event for me. Such is life, the world still turns or some such thing. Perhaps I’ll do something other during this time frame: travel to the UK or the Antarctica or some such thing.

I am still going to write up what I planned on discussing on the panel, but I’ll do this closer to the event. In the meantime, Tara Hunt, one of the new panel members, has a post related to the topic.

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