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Ongoing discussion

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I have been lax with the next essay in the RDF Poetry Finder series, The Technician Sleeps while the Poet Speaks. However, I have not been lax in the effort.

For instance, there’s a good discussion on this at Renaissance Web, where I’ve been wrestling with some fairly tough questions. (Also other many good conversations going on including a one-button weblog publishing approach — stop by, listen, participate if you’re so moved.)

However, most of my time has been taken up with research. In particular, I’m finding it very difficult to find poems to demonstrate points I want to make, primarily because I need something like RDF Poetry Finder in order to find them. My repertoire of known poetry is very limited, and I hesitate to put the poets and poetry enthusiasts in the audience on the spot asking for poems where, for example, an owl symbolizes the soul.

So, as I wrestle away with this, please join us at the forum. Your interest and input would be more than welcome.

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