Only room for love and run-on sentences

Congratulations to Ben and Tempe Vierck on the birth of their baby Rebecca. This event is made more special by knowing how hard and how long Ben and Tempe have been trying to have this little sweetheart. A little peek into the archives from about a year ago says it all.

Then, Ben wrote:


we will have children. it’s been almost 7 years of anticipation, disappointment, doctors visits, cycles, drugs, tests, and surgeries, but we will make it.

Ben writes today:


monday morning at 7:56am my daughter arrived weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces measuring 21 inches from head to toe. she is beautiful and healthy.

i’ve been searching for words since monday night… and i haven’t found any… except to say that she has healed me even though i did not know i was sick. we have had many moments, some lasting for hours, where she makes me perfect. room 768 is our world and there are only 3 people. mommy, daddy, and rebecca. she sleeps on top of me while i lay on my back and she heaves and hos her little belly and breathes little swishes of air in and out onto my cheeks and in each breath there is no room for war, or economy, or labor… there is only room for love and run-on sentences.

Rebecca already has her own weblog.

You know, sometimes this is all worth it, isn’t it?

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