Diversity Technology


Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

From OpenAjax update:

With each member company having one vote, OpenAjax Alliance elected its inaugural 7-member Steering Committee: Dojo Foundation (SitePen), Eclipse Foundation, IBM, Nexaweb, Tibco, Zend and Zimbra. The individuals that represent these member companies on the Steering Committee are: Alex Ruseel (Dojo/SitePen), Mike Milinkovich, David Boloker(IBM), Coach Wei (Nexaweb), Kevin Hakman (Tibco), Mike Pinette (Zend) and Scott Dietzen (Zimbra).

In my opinion, this is a well balanced committee that would give OpenAjax Alliance the right leadership and guideline to make it successful.

No this isn’t. You have no women, you have no expert on accessibility, you’re too heavily weighted to Java, you have little representation outside of commercial interests, you have no representation from leaders in the fields related to the individual components of the technology, you mentioned confidentiality agreement in the first paragraph, which is counter to any movement that begins with “Open”, I can’t tell for sure, but it doesn’t look like you have anyone from outside the States, and more importantly, you have no critics: people who provide the necessary ballast when the balloons get too high.

What’s Ajaxian for ‘echo chamber’?

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